I am very happy with my Revolution Stronghold XL safe. I looked at models from Fort Knox, Remington, Browning, and of course Pendleton. While the Pendleton safes are immaculate, the Revolution safes were a more economical option for me and I am happy with my decision.

I like the shelving in the model that I have. I currently use it to store magazines and accessories. The moisture control in the bottom is a great feature and is far more convenient than the silicate bags we use and bake every so often in my Father's safe.

The lighting kit that came with my model is sufficient but it does leave shadowed areas at the back of the safe where the moisture control is. I think this is because of the shelving and so the higher models will eliminate this but it would be really cool to have the lighting connected at the bottom sides as well for more light and perhaps a switch to turn the lights off when the door is closed.

By far my favorite feature and the deciding factor in choosing your safe was the rotating turret and side wall pistol storage. Not only is it the coolest looking thing in the safe besides the contents, it really does make it easier to get at the firearms and makes it easier to display my small but growing collection. As you can see in the picture, the lowered half turret does indeed fit carbines perfectly which is great since previously those firearms were leaned against the wall of my Father's Browning safe because they were too short.

I've already recommended your safe to all my friends and will do so in the future. You have a great product here and the customer service I received from your company, both at the NRA show and outside of it, was excellent. It is a shame I won't be buying any more safes from you just yet.

Thank you for your time,

Justin T.