To all…

I called the day the safe arrived and again when it was safely in its permanent place in our home. Bruce asked if I would send a photo… which is attached… and also provide a testimonial… which will be found below. I wanted to wait a short time so I could place my firearms inside, adjust things as needed, and to find out if there were any "issues"… as I want what I write to reflect the true nature of the item I am writing about. Obviously, I am very impressed with the safe.

I am also attaching 2 other photos, just for the fun of it… one of me and my HS teammates taken 5 decades ago… I will be 67 in less than a month (holding my almost new Remington 40-X) and one of me now, with guess what… a Remington 40-X (but not so new, anymore). Some things don't change (like the quality of my firearms) and some do. The pictures tell that well… although I am still able to fit into my HS team "Letter Jacket".

The best to you all, and thank you for working with me to get the safe set up correctly for my needs as well as helping get it shipped to me without any damage.

Testimonial Photo #1 from John M.


I started shooting on my Uncle's farm in Maryland at 8 yrs of age, joined a Boy Scout marksmanship program at 12, and was the co-captain of my HS rifle team through graduation in 1965. My love and enjoyment of the shooting sports increased over time as did the number of firearms I own. Some are now collector's items, and others are those I use often. I purchased a safe a number of years ago to house my firearms, but like most safes which are sold, the number of long guns that the manufacturer stated it would hold was greatly exaggerated. I went on a quest to get a safe that would hold all of my guns securely and would allow easy access to each. That used to mean removing a number of firearms in order to get to the one gun I wished to use, and then I still had to navigate the gun out of the safe avoiding the potential bumps and dings which could easily occur. I thought about how I could make an insert that would fit into one of the many safes I saw that would be a better setup but there were always "complications" and accompanying wasted space.

Then I came across the advertisements for Revolution safes and my quest was over, as I found just what I needed. After doing online research and calling the folks at the Pendleton/Revolution safe company, I was convinced that this safe would fit my needs literally, right out of the box. It has. The workmanship couldn't be better. The rotary racks make getting to each long gun easy. The handguns each have their built in holders, which work for revolvers as well as semi-automatic pistols. Bruce worked with me to make sure that my long guns, of lengths from about 30 - 52 inches, would fit securely in the racks. Revolution safes can have "boots" added so the rifle butt is raised very securely and the muzzle end is easily secured by the top of the rack.

I live in a rural area and it took a bit of time, but together we worked to ensure delivery would go smoothly … and it did. I am so very pleased with this safe, as I know from experience the frustrations of owning a safe with "traditional" long gun racks. When transferring my firearms from the old safe to the Revolution safe, it was like night and day.

In short, this is a great product, designed for a person who uses his/her firearms and does not just lock them away crammed together. The building process creates a safe that is at the top of the scale to prevent break-ins. Revolution safes are obviously made by people who desire to build their product the right way and have thought out the function of storing firearms safely, securely and giving easy access to all of them.

John M.

Testimonial Photo #3 from John M.
Testimonial Photo #2 from John M.