Gordon Pendleton,

Last year I did a lot of research on gun safes before purchasing my Revolution Stronghold XL Safe, prior to selling my home in north Florida and moving to south Florida. My north Florida home had a walk in gun vault, but my south Florida home is half the size so I needed to secure my firearms in a stand-alone safe. I had a professional safe moving company install the safe at the end of my hallway. It was a bear getting it into that spot, but burglars are going to have to work extra hard to get it out or break into it. They will have to bypass cameras and two alarm systems.

Your revolving gun stands are the best I found anywhere. I’ve had my new safe for 6 months now and just love it. It is easy to put my firearms inside and take them out. All my firearms are protected from banging into each other when spinning the gun stand. My hand guns fit nicely in the corner racks and are easy to get in and out. The built-in moisture control device is working fine. The LED light that came with the safe was ok, but I installed an automatic LED lighting system that works better. The door has a tighter fit and alignment than my other large national brand name gun safe that does not have a revolving gun stand. I just store ammo and gun accessories in it.

I wanted to purchase your King Series safe but my budget would not allow it. The Revolution safe was the best fit for my budget and space. Your factory quality control is outstanding. Every time I called your company, your staff was very helpful answering my questions. The safe was delivered on time, packaged well and was in outstanding condition. I am a very happy owner of my Revolution Stronghold XL Safe and I highly recommend buying any Pendleton made products.


Command Sergeant Major

US Army Retired